Familias da Ilha Terceira is an « up and down » genealogy of the Terceira Island, including the ascendants of every spouse of the descendants. So, with about 17 500 marriages (dates and places), Familias da Ilha Terceira includes the genealogy of the major part of the families of the island Terceira.

The researches in the archives of Angra allowed to complete the consultation of church records and books of genealogy, and to discover approximately 486 new genealogical data.

They also allowed to know the civil, political and military events of the life of these people

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The first two volumes of this collection identify little more than 4 500 descendants of Francisco Ferreira Dormonde, with their spouses and the ancestors of their spouses.


The third volume introduces the two main families associated with descendants of Francisco Ferreira Dormonde: the family of Aleixo Pacheco de Lima and the family of Manoel de Ponte Cardoso.


The second and third volumes describes others families associated with descendants of these three families : Sebastião Gato and Clarinda Machado, Antônio de Lemos de Faria, Manoel de Andrade Fagundes and Barbara de Oliveira Pereira, Angela Camelo and Domingos Fernandes, Estevão Dias Toste and Agueda Esteves, Amaro Mendes Gato and Maria Pamplona.

The volumes IV and V describes families rebuilt from the new genealogical datas.

The volume VI contains the transcription of 478 documents of the archives of Angra, containing genealogical novelties.

Vol. I - Francisco FERREIRA DORMONDE e Dona Barbara GATO

8 * 11.5 inches - 558 p.

Papel : 39$

Francisco Ferreira Dormonde lived in the East of the Terceira Island during the first half of the 17th century. He lived in Ribeira Seca, located between São Sebastião and Fonte Bastardo. Starting from São Sebastião and Quatro Ribeiras, the descendants of Francisco Ferreira Dormonde settled in most parishes of the Terceira Island, except the parish of Angra and its neighborhood (São Mateus and São Bento).


The first wife of Francisco Ferreira Dormonde, Dona Barbara Gato, was from a noble family of São Sebastião (cf. Vol. II, D1). Two of their sons have an extensive lineage, mainly in São Sebastião and in its surroundings.


Sebastião Gato Ferreira (§ 2) lived in Arrabalde, a neighborhood of the town of São Sebastião. His daughter, Dona Maria de Andrade (§ 2.4) is at the origin of the family nucleus of Ribeirinha. His grandson, João Ferreira de Ermonde, (§2.2.6) forms the family nucleus of Porto Judeo.


Manoel Machado Dormonde (§ 3) lived in Ribeira Seca and baptized his children in São Sebastião. His son, Manoel Machado de Ormonde (§ 3.8), initiated the family nucleus in Fonte Bastardo, and his daughter, Dona Barbara Gato (§ 3.6) in Santa Barbara. His grandsons, Antônio Machado Ormonde (§ 3.7.3), in São Bartolomeu and Manoel Machado Ormonde (§ 3.7.1) in Lajes.

Vol. II - Francisco FERREIRA DORMONDE e Dona Maria de LEMOS

8 * 11.5 inches - 526 p

Papel : 37$

The second wife of Francisco Ferreira Dormonde, Dona Maria de Lemos also belongs to a noble family of São Sebastião (cf. Vol. II, D2). They had five sons which lived in Quatro Ribeiras where their mother settled with her second husband, Captain Bento Godinho da Costa, with whom she had other children (cf. Vol. II, D2 § 1.2).

The first two children, Mateus and Barnabé, seem to have resided at Angra where they hold various positions in the São João Batista fortress, without leaving descendants. The three others sons had a  lot of descendants, specialy José Ferreira de Ormonde (§ 9). Quatro Ribeiras is thus the second largest nucleus of the Ferreira Ormonde family. At the end of the 18th century, almost half of the marriages and baptisms in Quatro Ribeiras relate to a descendant of the last three sons, primarily of José

+ Spouse families :

- Family of Dona Barbara Gato

- Family of Antônio de Lemos de Faria

- Manoel de Andrade Fagundes and Barbara de Oliveira Pereira

- Angela Camelo and Domingos Fernandes

Vol. III - Aleixo PACHECO de LIMA / Manoel de PONTE CARDOSO

8 * 11.5 inches - 474 p.

Papel : 33$

Aleixo Pacheco de Lima and Agueda Camelo

Manoel de Ponte Cardoso and Maria da Costa Leonardes


+ Spouse families  :

- Estevão Dias Toste and  Agueda Esteves

- Amaro Mendes Gato and Maria Pamplona

Vol. IV 

8 * 11.5 inches - 606 p

Papel : 42$

The volume IV describes 5 families reconstituted from the genealogical novelties found in the archives of Angra. Besides Pestana family of Maria Pestana e André Alveres, and  Sebastião Gato Toste e Maria Fernandes da Costa, there are the following three families.

- Roque de Ponte and Maria Alveres Cardoso are paternal grandparents of Manoel de Ponte Cardoso (see Vol. III).

- Jorge Camelo e Catarina Fernandes are paternal paternal great-grandparents of Angela Camelo (see Vol. II, D4).

- João Lourenço is, among others, paternal grandfather of Margarida Alveres married with Antônio Machado Neto, Agueda Cardoso married with Antônio Vieira Rodovalho, Maria Fernandes married with Antônio Fernandes Pacheco, Agueda Lopes married with André de Azedias, of João Lourenço Moules,…. Also is paternal paternal great-grandfather of Luis Lopes Lourenço married with Dona Maria de Andrade (see Vol. I).

Vol. V 
Fontes / Sources

8 * 11.5 inches - 612 p

Papel : 43$

The volume V describes seven families reconstituted from the documents of the archives of Angra. The Enes Froes family of Rodrigo Enes and Fernão Enes, those of Amador Gaspar and Inês Alveres, Sebastião Dias Nogueira and Helena Martins, Pedro Toste and Maria Pires, and Maria Fernandes Pascoa.

The will of João de Aguiar and his wife, unknown up to there, and that of some of his grandchildren, allows to complete the genealogy known for the family Aguiar. In particular with three new children among whom Barbara Ferreira and her lineage, João Rodrigues de Aguiar and Barbara Gonçalves de Paiva and their 8 children, and a new girl of Maria de Aguiar with her lineage.

The Romeiros of Vicente Romeiro and of Ana da Costa is widely described in the books of genealogy. The documents of the archives of Angra allow of to add to the alferes Vicente Romeiro da Costa married to Francisca dos Anjos, and to emit very serious hypotheses on the ancestry of Captain Vicente Romeiro da Costa married to Catarina Fernandes.

Vol. VI
Fontes - Sources

8 * 11.5 inches - 494 p

Papel : 60$


 Transcription of 478 documents from Arquivos de Angra do Heroismo with the new genealogical data.

Addenda - Errata - Index
da primeira edição

8 * 11,5 inches - 628 p.

Papel : 25$


- Addenda / Errata (Vol. I, Vol. II, Vol. III)

- Index (Vol. I, Vol. II, Vol. III)

of the 2nd edition

8 * 11,5 inches - 590 p.

Paper : 30$


General Index (Vol. I - V)

Index by some family names

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